Demystifying Instructional Design

Season 3 Promo

August 17, 2022 Rebecca J. Hogue Season 3 Episode 0
Demystifying Instructional Design
Season 3 Promo
Show Notes

Welcome to Demystifying Instructional Design - a podcast where I interview instructional designers about what they do. I'm Rebecca Hogue, your podcast host.

For season three I'm going to do a something a little different - I'm going to be interviewing two instructional designers at the same time - from different sectors - to help compare how instructional design is different in one sector versus the other. 

My first interview will be with Janet Lee whose work focuses in high ed instructional design and Darlesa Cahoon who works in corporate instructional design for a large airport!

In order to create rich interviews, I'd like to hear about what you would like me to ask my guests. Please go over to the Demystifying Instructional Design website, and leave a comment on the blog post for this announcement. 

What do you want to know about instructional design?  

If you are an instructional designer and would like to be interviewed for demystifying instructional design, please fill in the Be My Guest form.  


I'm looking forward to this season.




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